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Seed Beads Decorated Antique Victorian Small Purse

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Description: This is a beautiful, most likely handmade, antique Victorian small purse or clutch purse. The purse, which is made of a stiff material is covered with a red material on the outside and a blue smooth material on the inside. The entire exterior of the purse is decorated with seed beads. These have colors such as white, blue, brown, yellow, and red. In addition, the seed beads and other larger glass beads are used to make decorative tassels which are attached to the bottom. The back of the purse has a design that looks like a flower with tassels of beads hanging from its center. The purse has a metal hook with a loop eyelet to close it with.   The exterior of the purse shows considerable wear, but is still intact. The purse and the bead work shows considerable soiling. However, the inside looks real clean. This is a truly nice old piece that is in relatively good condition for such an old utilitarian piece made of cloth and sewed beads. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely mid to late 1800's.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size: The heart measures ~4 1/24" at its longest, ~3" at its highest and is ~2" at its thickest. The tassels themselves vary in length from 1 1/2" for those on the bottom to 2 1/2" for the one coming out of the center of the flower on the back of the purse.

Maker: Unknown

Marks: Unmarked.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Very nice old purse, which would make a great addition to any collection.

Condition: The purse is in relatively good condition with no rips or repairs. It does have wear to the exterior which can be seen in the loss of the nap to the surface of the material. The purse is also a bit deformed near the base, and has some bead losses. The bead losses are not to the designs that are still  in place, but rather it appears that the sides had some bead designs, which were removed and are no longer there, but the threads holding them are still there and are stuffed into the purse. The locking mechanism shows signs of rust but is still intact and works. Because the piece is not perfect we are selling it "AS IS" at a fraction of its true value.

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