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Very Nice 1748 Large & Heavy Geneva Switzerland Bronze Cast Medal Johann Jacob Burlamaqui Death Senator in The City Republic Philosopher and Professor

Description:  An about uncirculated nicely toned 1734 cast bronze large and heavy medal. This is a Geneva medal commemorating the death on April 3, 1748 of Johann Jacob Burlamaqui. The obverse shows the bust of Johann Jacob Burlamaqui facing left. There is the following words around the bust "IOH. IACOBUS. BURLAMAQUI." (Johann Jacob Burlamaqui ) and the letters I.D.E.T.F. below the bust. The reverse has the words REIPUBLICAE GENEVENS. SENATOR ANTEA IURIS NATUR. ET CIVILISPROFESSOR NATUS 19. IULII 1694 DENAT.3.APRILIS 1748. (Geneva state senator and academic in national laws born July 19, 1694 Died April 3, 1748) surrounded with oak leaves all along the edge. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Additional Information: Johann Jacob Burlamaqui (19 July 1694 – 3 April 1748) was born and died in Geneva, Switzerland. He was a Swiss legal philosopher, and a political theorist who popularized a number of ideas propounded by other thinkers. He was one of the first thinkers to popularize the concept separation of powers. He was also an avid art collector. His vision of constitutionalism had a major influence on the American Founding Fathers. He was the first philosopher to articulate the quest for happiness as a natural human right, a principle that Thomas Jefferson later restated in the Declaration of Independence.

Date: 1748.

Origin: Geneva, Switzerland.

Weight and Size: The medal weighs 63.5 grams and is ~54.7 mm in diameter.

Marks: Marked with the  initials I.D.E.T.F. under the bust.

Reference: We could not identify specific references for listing this medal.

Condition: I would grade the medal as about uncirculated or much better with all the details being intact and the high point with minimum wear if any. The medal is nicely toned. It has some scratches and some minor nicks to the surface. There is also a minor stain in front of the eye in the bust on the obverse, other than that the piece is problem free.

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