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Vintage 13" Round Beer Tray Lady or Maiden on The Moon Miller High Life Beer Colorful Graphics

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Description:   A beautiful vintage beer tray. The beer tray is nicely decorated with a beautiful scene showing a dark blue sky with golden stars, white puffy clouds and a beautiful woman sitting on a crescent moon in the center. The woman who is wearing a wide rimmed hat and has a rose in her flowing brown hair is holding a bottle in one hand and raising her other hand with a glass full of beer. She is wearing a red and yellow dress and brown boots. Above her is the word Miller in red and flanking her are the words High Life in yellow.  The exterior of the tray is red and the high side is marked Miller High Life and has a crescent all in white over the red coloring. Just great and very colorful graphics. The bottom of the inside is marked "The Champagne of Bottle Beer; Miller Brewing Co. Form # 303, Milwaukee, Wis. Made in USA". The back of the tray is colored in red and the tray has a gold colored rim. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel  of our description. 

Date:  Uncertain but most probably mid 1900s. 

Origin:  Was purchased at an estate of a beer related items collector in Philadelphia. 

Size:  Measures 13" diameter at the top,12 1/4" diameter at the base, and is 1 5/8" high. The piece weighs slightly over one pound. 

Maker:  Unknown    

Marks:  Unmarked as to the maker. 

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  This is a very nice beer or Milwaukee related piece with beautiful graphics and fresh colors to add to your collection.  

Condition:  The tray is in good condition given its age and utilitarian function. It does have scratches throughout, several spots of oxidation along the bottom and left side on the inside (see fifth and sixth photo) , and several spots where the color is scratched away and is lost. Be that as it may the tray is intact and beautiful.  Just a great real piece in good original used condition to add to your collection. Please see the pictures for additional condition information.

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