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Vintage 1950a Buick Standard Sedan Friction Toy with Sound Effect In Original Box

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Description: A nice vintage toy made in China in its original box. This is a friction powered Buick Standard Sedan toy which has some sound effects. The toy comes in its original box which is a bit soiled, stained, banged-up, and tattered but still in relatively good condition. The car which appears to be diecast is white, has clear plastic windows and a pink colored roof. It has white wall rubber tires. The metal trim is chrome colored and is all there, in the front, the sides and the back. It has red break lights in the back and clear front lights. The box indicates the toy was made in china and that it is suitable for children 3 years or older. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain, but most likely sometime in the late 20th century or early 21st century.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Size and Weight: The box measures ~11 1/2" by ~4 1/4" by ~4 1/4," while the car measures ~11" by ~4" by ~3 1/2" and the car with the box weighs slightly over one pound and 10 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Unmarked as to the maker.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Very nice vintage toy in very good condition with its original box. Would make a nice addition to your collection.

Condition: The box is a bit soiled, stained, banged-up, and tattered but still in relatively good condition. The box was also stapled on one side to keep the lid together. It has a little damage here and there but the graphics are still fresh with vivid colors. The box has very little of its original interior pieces left, but still holds the car well in place. The car itself is in great condition. It works the way it should and is all there without breaks or repairs. There is a few scratches to the surface and some spots of minor paint loss. The chrome decoration is all there and is intact with a few spots where it may be a bit loose, but it is still solidly in place. The colors are fresh and vivid and it looks like it did not get much play time. A great addition to your toy car collection. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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