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Vintage Cast Brass Doorknocker Tom Crudd or Chrudd Old Boots Of Ripon York RD No. 547374

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Description: A very detailed vintage cast brass door knocker or doorknocker commemorating Tom Crudd (spelled Chrudd), a famous character, also known as Thomas Spence and "Old Boots" who worked as the boot boy at the Unicorn, a coaching inn in Ripon, Yorkshire, England. Tom had a nose and chin so long that it is said he could hold a coin between them. Actually the character on the doorknocker appears to be holding a coin between the nose and the chin. His job was to wait on travellers at the Unicorn and help them to take off their boots. He usually arrived in the room with a pair of slippers in one hand and a boot jack in the other, exactly as depicted on the door knocker. The doorknocker shows very interesting details, it shows the Unicorn Inn with its steps and its adjacent cut-out handrail, the pub sign, and open windows. The bottom of the doorknocker shows cobblestone street and has the legend "Tom Chrudd “Old Boots” Ripon York" along the edge. The back of the knocker it has the RD No. 547374, a design number registered in 1909. On the back to the right there is tombstone with engraved words, which read "Tom Chrudd; 1762; Ripon; Minster; West; Front." A wonderful and unusual knocker, which would make a great addition to your collection. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely mid 1900's, but could be earlier.

Origin: Purchased at an estate sale in southeastern Pennsylvania. Most likely made in England.

Size: The piece measures ~4 3/4" long, is ~2 5/8" at its widest, and ~1 1/8" at its thickest point. The piece weighs about 6.2 ounces.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Marked on the back RD No. 547374 .

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Just a very intriguing and unusual cast brass doorknocker to add to your collection.

Condition: The knocker is very good condition with no breaks or repairs. The piece has a nice dark age patina or encrusted dirt. The knocker works very well and makes the appropriated knocking noise when the base on which Tom is standing is raised then dropped on the back. The back or base of the knocker has 3 holes to affix to a door and hold it in place. It is all original and could possibly be cleaned to bring it to its initial shiny brass look but we leave that to the discretion of the new owner. Please see photo for additional condition information.


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