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Vintage Cast Iron Still Bank Black Colored Fido the Puppy Made by Hubley

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Description: A beautiful vintage cast iron still penny bank. It is cast in the form of a puppy dog with one ear up and the other down. The puppy is wearing is black in color and is wearing a gold collar with red dots and the word FIDO also in red. The puppy is sitting on his behind and looking up with eyes wide open. His tong and nose are red while his round eyes are golden with black centers and white outline. The bank is made of two pieces held together with a screw. The interior of the bank is golden in color and is stamped "1084" on both halves. See page 81 (bank 417) of Andy and Susan Moore's book "The Penny Bank Book; Collecting Still Banks" Published by Schiffer Books, of Exton, PA in 1984 for a similar example. The bank has the coin slot on the back at the base of the puppy's head. Please carefully review the Photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely mid 1900's.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Size: Measures approximately 5" at its highest to the top of the ear and the base is ~3" by ~4". The piece weighs a little over one and half pounds.

Maker: Uncertain, but most likely Hubley.

Marks: Stamped on the inside with the number "1084" on both halves and there are letters and numbers stamped on the back of the head which we are unable to make out but we believe we see "D5NB19418" but these are faint and could be totally different from what we think we see.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Very nice and desirable bank that is in excellent condition. It would make a good addition to your still penny banks collection. For a similar example see page 81, bank No. 417 in Andy and Susan Moore's Book "The Penny Bank Book; Collecting Still Banks, Published by the Schiffer Publishing Company in 1984.

Condition: This is a beautiful vintage bank possibly by the Hubley Toy Co. It is in excellent condition with no repairs or breaks. It retains most of its original paint with minor losses on the collar, eyes, and tong. The bank is clean but has some minor scratches and rust spots. It is well cast and shows sharp and well defined details. The two halves fit together well and the screw appears to be original. This is a nice piece and would make a nice addition to your penny bank collection. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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