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Vintage Cast Iron Still Bank St. Bernard Dog Standing Pack on Back & Golden Harness Original Paint Minimum Loss

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Description:  A beautiful vintage cast iron still penny bank.  It is cast in the form of a St.. Bernard dog (the famous Swiss Alpine rescue dog) standing on all four. The dog has a rescue pack on its back, which used to contain a bottle of Cognac and some food where the person who would be lost in the snow in the Alps would use to keep himself alive. The pack is secured to the dog's back using gold colored harnesses and the pack itself is secured with a gold colored rope that is tied in a easy to open knot. The dog's tail is extended straight behind him. The bank is made of two halves secured together with a screw. The bank has the coin slot on the top of the pack on the dog's back right behind the head. Please carefully review the pictures presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Early to mid-1900's.

Origin: Purchased in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA.

Size: measures approximately 7 3/4" long, 5 1/2" high to the top of its head, and is 2 1/2" at its widest.  to the top of the ears in height. The piece weighs over two pounds.

Maker: Uncertain, but most likely AC Williams

Marks: The piece is unmarked on the outside or on the inside.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Very nice bank in excellent condition. For a similar example see page 82 in Andy and Susan Moore's Book "The Penny Bank Book; Collecting Still Banks, Published by the Schiffer Publishing Company in 1984.

Condition: Bank is in excellent condition with no repairs or breaks. It retains most of its original paint and has minimum wear and losses. There is some losses to the gold coloring of the harness and ribbon holding the pack. There is also signs of rust on the inside of the bank. Please see photos for additional condition information.

In Closing:  Definitely a quality  piece, it is rather heavy and weighs over 2 pounds and is all original. It is a well made piece and would make an excellent addition to your still penny banks collection.