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Vintage Sterling Silver Cigarette Case Duck Hunting Scene on Front Monogrammed on Back

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Description: This is a vintage and rather substantial sterling silver cigarette case. The case depicts a repousse filigree design along the edge on the front with a plaque attached in the center showing a raised design of a man hunting ducks. The man is in a boat on water with a gun shooting at ducks. there are two dead ducks already in the boat with him. The gun shows a cloud of smoke at its tip suggesting that the image is while the hunter is shooting. There are ducks in the air and in the water. There is also tall grass at the edge of the water body. the filigree surrounding the hunting image shows on the inside suggesting that it is in repousse style. On the other hand the hunting scene does not show up on the inside but rather there is a small hole in the center of the inside of the lid suggesting that the hunting scene is affixed to the lid and is probably on a plaque. the back of the cigarette case is curved as usual and is monogrammed. with what looks like the letters "GCR" in very nice stylized fashion. The case has a spring loaded locking mechanism is the cover. When the button for the locking mechanism is pushed in the case springs open. The inside of the case is gold washed and has a marking saying sterling on the edge. This is a rather heavy piece (weighs ~73 grams or about 2.35 troy ounces of sterling silver) which feels great in your hand. A great looking cigarette case to add to your collection. Please view photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely early to mid 1900's.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The piece was most likely made in the USA.

Size: Measures ~3" by ~2 1/4" and is 1/2" deep. The piece weighs about 73 grams or a bit over 2.35 troy ounces.

Maker: Unknown

Marks: Marked on the inside edge with the word "STERLING" (see last photo).

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: A beautiful and most interesting vintage piece with a great design that is very well done. This is a piece worthy of a spot in your collection of sterling silver boxes or cigarette cases.

Condition: The case is in very good condition with no breaks, or repairs. The hinge is intact and works very well so does the locking mechanism and the box closes tightly. The interior is clean, in excellent general condition and retains all of its original gilt but shows some minor darkening in some areas. The exterior has general surface scratches and a few minor dings most pronounced is the one in the right top corner in the back and the other is in top corner of the edge of the back half of the box (see the third photo). Be that as it may the piece is in great condition for being over 50 years old and having been in use for probably a long time. The piece could probably use a good cleaning, which we leave to the new owner. A great apiece which very seldom comes by in such a good condition. Please see photos for additional condition information.


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