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WWII Era Bronze Star Medal with Ribbon Lapel Pin and Presentation Box Heroic or Meritorious Achievement

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Description: A vintage bronze star with its ribbon,, and lapel pin. The medal, which is awarded in the military for Heroic or meritorious achievement, comes in its original presentation box and has a pin assembly to hang from. There is a makers mark on the reverse of the pin assembly just like it is supposed to have so you know it is real. There is also the name of the hero (William H. Elicker) to which it was awarded on the back of the star, again insuring this is an authentic and truly issued bronze star. Researching the name of the hero, we determined that he was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII, where he earned two bronze stars as a Sgt. Major in the Battle of the Bulge. The set comes in its original presentation box and is truly in great condition. This is a most interesting piece and would make a great addition to your collection of military medals. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Late 1944-1945.

Origin: Purchased at an estate sale in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: The reverse of the pin assembly has the mark LI-GI stamped on it.

Size: Ribbon is ~2 7/8" long including the star and ~1 3/8" wide. The star on the bottom is ~1 3/8" in diameter, the top bar is ~1 1/2" LONG and the small lapel pin ~3/4" long. The presentation box is~7 by ~4 1/4" by ~1" and the entire piece weighs almost 11 ounces.

Condition: The ribbon is in excellent condition with the material having minimal wear if any with no soiling. The medal is in great condition and I would grade it as about uncirculated or better with all its details being well preserved and having minimum wear and a beautiful patina. The three pieces are truly in excellent condition with vivid colors showing no fading and no wear. There is no appreciable staining to the ribbon and the back is really in super condition since it was never exposed to dirt. Just a great set that was most likely cherished by its original owner in excellent condition after over 70 years of being around. Please see photos for additional condition details.