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1855 Transferware Vegetable Bowl English Staffordshire

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Description:  A beautiful ironstone vegetable bowl.  The center is a transfer design with a city or large buildings in the horizon and a water way with a balcony in the foreground.  The balcony has a large planter or vase on the ledge and statues on the banister. There are trees all around. The periphery is a beautiful foliate and floral design with delicate vines and a two handled footed bowl. The color is a light blue and it has hand painted highlights in green for the trees. The outside of the bowl also is decorated in  the same way the periphery is. It also has hand painted red highlights dispersed through-out.  The coloration is consistent and does not vary from one area to another.  

Size:  It measures 10" x 7 3/4" and is 2 1/4" deep. 

Marks:  The registered mark did not photograph well, and so we drew it to show it.  We are not certain who made the plate, but it has the English type "A" mark (Please see third photo) indicates that it is made July 5, 1855, by manufacturer number 5? 

Condition:  the platter is in excellent condition given that it is 150 years old.  

Condition:  the platter is in excellent condition given that it is 150 years old.   There are no breaks, repairs, or hairlines.  It is very clean and has no stains at all, which is unusual for a piece like this. It would appear that it was never used and treasured for all these years. The plate has considerable and even crazing through-out but no utensil marks. Please see photos to appreciate the beauty and condition of this superb platter.  

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