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1921 South African Reserve Bank One Pound Banknote Sailing Ship P# 75 PMG VF 30

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Description: A beautiful very fine Banknote from South Africa. This is the South African Reserve Bank one Pound note issued 20 September 1921. The banknote is black in color over a light red background. The note depicts the image of a sailing ship to the left of the front with people in various activities along the bottom and a factory with multiple chimneys spewing smoke to the right. There is a rising sun next to the ship. The back is brown and red in color and the same design as the front in reverse. The front is written in English while the back is written in Afrikaans. The note has a watermark showing the head of J. van Riebeek within the sun's disk. Both front and back display the name of the bank, one signature, that of W. H. Clegg, the date, and the serial number as well as the denomination. This particular note has the serial number A over 3 298116, which is displayed twice in black on both sides of the note. The note is graded by PMG as 30 very fine and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. A great looking note to add to your collection. Please carefully review the scans provided as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date: 20 September 1921.

Printer: St. Lukes Printing Works, London England.

Size: The banknote measures 6" by ~3 3/8". 

Pick Number: P 75 and is listed as B703a in The Banknote Book. 

Condition: The banknote is graded as 30 very fine by PMG and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. The note is all original and shows signs of circulation and wear. It is lightly soiled with no objectionable stains. It does have creases, folds, and minor wrinkling. It has roughness to the edges and its corners are intact with some rounding and bumps. Be that as it may, this is a nice-looking example of this scarce note to add to your collection. Please see photo for additional condition information. 

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