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1952 France 100 Francs Banknote P128d Farmer Oxen People Dockside PMG Choice VF

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Description: A beautiful choice very fine banknote from France. This is the V.2-10-1952.V one hundred francs or Cent Francs. The banknote is brown and red with multicolored decorations. The front depicts a farmer with two oxen. The back has the image of a man, woman and three children sitting at dock side with sail boats in background. This particular note has the serial number 54168 and is series B.505. It is signed by G. G. d'Ambrieres and P. Gargam. The banknote has a water mark depicting the head of a woman with hair parted to the left in the white square at the center of left edge looking at the front of the note. Please carefully review scan as it is part and parcel of our description. 

Date: 2-10-1952 (October 2, 1952). 

Printer: Bank of France. 

Size: The banknote measures ~5 1/8" by ~3 3/8". 

Pick Number: P 128d and is listed in the Banknote Book as B982d. 

Condition: The banknote is graded 35 Choice Very Fine by PMG and comes in a plastic holder so labeled. It is relatively clean and intact with no graffiti, but has two pinholes from a staple, near the left edge, as do most French banknotes. It does have a pronounce vertical central fold, a horizontal fold, and some general wrinkling. Its details are very well preserved. The corners are intact with minimum rounding, but show bumps and the edges show minimum roughness. Be that as it may, the note is nice and great looking and would make a great addition to your collection. Please see photo for additional condition information. 

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