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Antique Pewter Teapot Beautiful Pear-Shaped Form Marked Bristol H

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Description:   An antique solid pewter teapot having a beautiful pear-shaped low profile design. The pot has an round squat shape with rounded sides and an outwards flared top. It has a hinged lid with a high domed center topped with a pewter finial. The pot has a nicely shaped pewter handle attached to the pot through two pewter tubular extensions. The pot also has an applied spout. The surface of the pot is undecorated but the edge of the lid has a toothed decoration. The base of the pot is round and has a slight circular foot. The bottom of the pot is marked as to the maker. The inside is relatively clean with minimum staining or oxidation suggesting that it may have seen very limited use. The pot also has a strainer arrangement on the inside at the beginning of the spout. The piece is relatively clean both inside and out but has some stains on the exterior as well as the interior. See page 162 in Peter Hornsby's book "Pewter of the Western World,  1600-1850" published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Exton, PA 1983 for a similar example. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  Uncertain but most likely 1800's. 

Origin:  Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Size:  The pot is ~7 1/4" to the top of the finial, the base is ~3 1/2" in diameter and the piece is ~9" at its widest including the handle and spout. The pot weighs about 1 1/2 pounds. 

Maker:  Uncertain. 

Marks:  Stamped on the bottom with the words "Bristol H." and has what looks like a crowned "X" above it, all stamped on the base.  

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  This is a nice antique teapot with a beautiful unusual design which would display very well in your collection. This is a substantial piece weighing one and half pounds and is really solid and feels great in your hand. 

Condition:   This pot is in general good condition. It has no breaks or cracks. It does have many bumps and dings many of which can be seen in the photos. The piece also has some stains on the exterior. The  piece has many scratches and a few manufacturing surface defect which are original to the making of the piece. The lid has a few dings along the edge, but these are minor and do not distract from the beauty or quality of this old piece. Finally, we believe the finial had a wooden disk (most teapots of this vintage had them) which has broken off and is no longer there and hence the empty space between the bottom and top of the finial. The hinge is intact and in good shape. The piece could probably use a good cleaning but we leave that to the discretion of the new owner. This piece is over 150 years old and is still great looking and clean, which is a miracle. The piece has a nice shape and look which makes it a great piece to display in your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information. 

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