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Bronze Coin 1932 AD 1351 AH Egyptian NGC MS 63 RB Half of One Millieme King Fouad I

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Description:    An great looking red brown mint state uncirculated 1351 AH or 1932 AD Egyptian half of one millieme (half of a tenth of a Piaster or Qirsh) bronze coin. The coin is graded by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation as Mint State or MS 64 RB and comes in a plastic slab. The coin depicts the uniformed bust of king Fuad or Fouad the first facing left and wearing a fez on the obverse. The reverse has the denomination, the AH and the AD dates and saying "al-mamlakah al masryah" or the Egyptian Kingdom.  The coin is beautiful and still retains much of its original red coloring and some of its original luster. Coins of such small denomination are rare since they were normally used extensively. Finding one that is at such high grade is just a rare event and represents an opportunity to the advanced collector. Please carefully view scan presented as it is part and  parcel of our description.

Date:   1932. 

Mint:   Egypt (actually these were minted in Birmingham England and has the mint mark H between the dates in the top of the reverse). 

Size and weight:   This is  1/2 a Millieme or 1/20 of a Qirsh. It weighs ~3.4 gm and measures ~20 mm 

References:   It is KM #343. 

Condition:   The coin is graded by CNG as MS63 RB and retains some of its original some luster and red coloring. The coin has all its details with no observable weae and is very well preserved. The coin has great eye appeal. It is much better than the scan shows. Please see photo for additional condition information.

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