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Footed Kholui Russian Lacquer Box Miniature Scene From Fairy Tale Signed Pyetrov

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Description: This is a beautiful rectangular paper-mache or papier-mache Russian Lacquer Box with a hinged lid and 4 small round feet at the corners of the base to support it. The box is marked Kholui both on the bottom of the decorated lid and has the Kholui logo in gold lettering in the center of the base. The box was obviously made at the Kholui school of miniature painting. The box has a flat bottom with small feet at the corners and a hinged lid. The lid is decorated with a hand painted colorful image of a young man on a horse with a woman carrying a water bucket in front of him and a woman watching from a window behind him. There are men watching to the side and a rooster on a small bridge in the bottom right corner. There is also a bucket which obviously fell from the woman and is spilled on the ground. A very colorful scene that is very well done with lots of details. There are blue round clouds on top of the scene and trees and plants throughout. The piece is marked on the bottom of the drawing with the following words "Y KOLODTS OL" on the left, the word "KHOLUI in the center, and the name "PYETROV" all the way to the right. We believe the title of the box has the word WELL (KOLODTS) in it and that the name of the artist is PYETYROV. This is a scene from a Russian Fairy Tale which we are unable to identify. The box is signed "Pyetrov" and is undated. There is also the logo of the Kholui school on the bottom of the box. Judging by the quality of the box and the art work, this box was definitely made at the Kholui miniature manufactory/school as it it has the official logo of the school on the back. The box shows wonderful detail and beautiful colors; A true beauty and a very seldom seen box in subject and shape. The inside of the box is colored in the usual red color used in Russian lacquer boxes. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: The box is undated, but it is most likely from the late 1900s or early 2000s.

Origin: Kholui, Russia.

Size: The box measures ~56 1/8" by ~3 1/2" and is ~1 5/8" high when closed. The box weighs slightly over 5 ounces.

Artist: Pyetrov.

Marks: The box has markings in gold colored Cyrillic calligraphy on the bottom of the painting at the edge of the lid, which reads "Y KOLODTS OL; P. KHOLUI; PYETROV". The box is also marked in the back with the Kholui Logo. See photos for additional details.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: A very beautiful and well done design with beautiful vivid colors. Gold and tempera make this nice box a very good addition to your collection of Russian Lacquer Boxes.

Condition: The box is in very good condition. The box has no cracks, breaks, repairs, hairlines, or crazing to the lacquering. The art work on top of the lid is intact, beautiful, well executed, and in very good shape with no losses or fading. The hinge works well and is intact and the interior is clean with vivid red coloring and exhibiting no losses. A very nice vintage Russian lacquer box to add to your collection. Please view the photos for additional condition information.

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