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Limoges France Hand Painted Trinket Box Parry Vieille Sardine Can Being Opened

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Description: A beautiful and very interesting small hand painted porcelain trinket box from Limoges France. The box is in the shape of a can of sardines being opened with a key. The top of the box shows the top of the can partially rolled around a metal key revealing the heads of the fish inside the can. The top of the lid has the words 125 g (125 grams) SARD for Sardines and "a L'huile"" for in oil. The box has a hinged lid with the hinge equipped with a flattened center to serve as a stopper for the box's lid when opened. The sides of the box are colored in silver metallic color giving the impression of the metal can of sardine. The top is orange and yellow in color with black lettering. The heads of the fish are blue and white with black eyes. The box has a rectangular flat base that is white in the center with the silvery metallic color along the edges. The box has a thumb piece in the form of a sailboat. This is a very interesting box with a hinged lid. Both top and bottom of the box are fitted with brass frames at the edges with a hinge on the back and a locking thumb piece attached to the front of the bottom portion. The inside of the box is white in color with the bottom half having a hand drawn design representing a sail ship on water with bords in the sky. The top half of the inside is undecorated and is white in color. The exterior bottom of the box is marked with the maker's mark in black lettering. This is a very nice piece from Limoges France to add to your collection of small trinket boxes. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Unknown, but most likely sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, possibly earlier.

Origin: Made in Limoges France.

Size: The box is ~2 1/8" by ~1 5/8" at the base, ~5/8" high on the side, and weighs almost 2 ounces.

Maker: Parry Vieille.

Marks: Marked on the bottom of the base in black lettering with the Parry Vieille maker's mark consisting of the letters PV in the center of the words "LIMOGES FRANCE MARQUE DEPOSEE" forming an oval with the words "Paint Main" under it.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: A beautiful and rather uncommon vintage piece which would make a great addition to any collection or can be used as a great gift.

Condition: The box is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, repairs, or crazing. The box is clean and the hinge is intact. A nice piece to add to your collection. Please see photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of this box.

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