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Rare Beautiful Repousse 1883 Castle Top Sterling Silver Box London with Maker's Mark by William Comyns

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Description: Antique 1883 Sterling Silver Castle Top box with top lid from London England. The box has Maker's Mark for William Comyns. This box is relatively large and heavy, weighing 144.5 grams. The box has a hinged lid which opens from one of the short ends exposing the entire interior. We suspect that it is a cigarette box. The lid of the box has a high relief design depicting an unknown castle on top of a hill with mountains and a water body in the background and a house at the bottom of the hill where the castle is sitting. There are trees and a picket fence. The sky on top of the scene has light imprints of circular shape suggesting the sun? clouds? Just a great design with fine details, just look at the trees, the bridge, and the water below it. The sides of the box are decorated with a nice scroll design, while the bottom of the box is plain and smooth. The edges of the box are toothed or variegated giving the box a very mice appearance. The  piece is relatively larger in size than usual cigarette boxes are and as we indicated weighs quite a bit. The interior of the box is plain except that the back of the lid shows the design in reverse. It is very clean and shiny. Just a great and wonderful antique that very seldom comes by having excellent details. Unfortunately we do not know which castle is depicted on the lid. Please view photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1883.

Origin: London England, in the United Kingdom.

Size: Measures ~3" by ~4" and is 11/16" deep. The piece weighs about 144.5 grams or a bit over 4.5 troy ounces.

Maker: William Comyns

Marks: Marked with a Lion Passant (for sterling) W.C (for William Comyns) and the Queen's head facing left (indicating taxes were paid), the Crowned Leopard Head for London, and the letter H in a shield for 1883 on the side of the box. Also marked with the Lion Passant, W.C, and H within a shield on the side of the lid.

Condition: The box is in excellent condition with no dings, breaks, or repairs. The inside has minimum wear, if any, commensurate with the piece's age and utilitarian function. The hinge is intact, works well, and the box closes very well. You can tell it was cherished by its owners over the years and was kept in great condition. The piece could probably use a good cleaning, which we leave to the new owner.  Be that as it may this is a great antique which very seldom comes by in such a good shape.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: A beautiful rare antique made by an accomplished  silversmith from London England, which would make a great addition to any advanced collection of silver boxes.

In Closing: Please view photos to appreciate its beauty and condition. This is truly a beautiful and rare antique, which would make a great addition to your collection.

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