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Rare 1350-1439 Papal State Gold Coin Venetian Type Zecchino Ducat Senate of Rome

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Description: A rare gold coin showing no date issued by order of the Senate of Rome in Italy for the Papal State. This is a Venetian style one Zecchino or Ducat issued during the period of 1350-1439. The coin shows St. Peter standing right presenting banner to kneeling senator on the obverse, with the letters SEN along the top of the staff reading from bottom to. There is also the legend "• S • P?TRVS | (S?n along the staff) ?TOR • VRBIS •, P in exergue" surrounding the image on the obverse. The reverse shows full length Christ the Redeemer standing facing forward holding gospels and raising hand in benediction, surrounded by mandorla and 9 stars. The reverse has the legend "• ROM? • C?PVT • M | VnDI • S • PQR •" surrounding the image of Christ along the edge making it a type 2 variety because of the inclusion of the "n" after the V in VnDI (according to Herbert E. Ives book Venetian Gold Ducat and its Imitation). The coin is undated but was issued during the period 1350-1439. It is much better than the photos suggest. It is beautiful with nice eye appeal. It is Muntoni 192, Berman 151, Friedberg 2. The coin weighs ~3.4 gm and measures ~21 mm. The coin is beautiful and in very fine state of preservation. Please carefully review the photos provided as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: ND (1350-1439).

Mint: Rome.

Size and weight: This is a one Zecchino or Ducat that is ~21 mm in diameter and weighs ~3.4 grams of 0.9990 gold.

References: It is listed in Muntoni as #192, Berman 151, Friedberg 2.

Condition: I would grade the coin as a nice very fine with slightly wavy flan. The lettering is a bit difficult to read but the iconography images are nice and distinct. The coin has wear commensurate with its age and circulated state. It is still a nice and rare coin with good eye appeal, which would make a nice addition to your collection. Please see photos to confirm quality, appreciate the beauty of the coin and for additional condition information.


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