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Scarce Antique Pewter Ladle By John H. Palethorp of Philadelphia Good Condition

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Description: A beautiful antique pewter ladle with nicely curved handle and a relatively shallow bowl. The ladle has rather flattened curved handle ending with a wide rounded flat portion. The end of the handle is marked on the back with what we believe are the letters PALETHORP'S within a rectangle with a toothed border (see page 272 of C. Jordan Thorn book The Handbook of American Silver and Pewter Marks published by Tudor Publishing Company, NY in 1949 for the mark of John H. Palethorp of Philadelphia). The ladle also has what we would characterize a shallow bowl which is ~3 3/4" in diameter and is ~1" deep. The ladle has a nice warm gray age patina with a few dark spots, some minor scratches and a few small dings to the bowl. John H. Palethorp was active in Philadelphia in the period 1820-1840 or 1845. Please carefully view photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Sometime in the period 1820-1845.

Origin: Purchased in Southeast Pennsylvania, USA. Was made in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Size: The ladle Measure ~12 3/4" in length with the bowl measuring ~3 3/4" in diameter on the top and is ~1" deep. The end of the handle is ~3 1/2" long and is ~1 3/8" at its widest. The piece weighs a little over 9 ounces.

Maker: John H. Palethorp.

Marks: Stamped on the back of the handle in the flat end "PALETHORP'S" within a rectangle with a toothed border. Admittedly the mark is a bit weak but we can clearly see PAL and THO with a final S when using a loop. We have attempted to photograph the mark but were unsuccessful but it is there and fairly evident.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Beautiful antique and rather scarce (Jacob's suggests that Palethorp's pewter is rather scarce) ladle to add to your collection.

Condition: The ladle is in very good condition. It has a warm gray age patina with some dark spots especially inside the bowl and on the back of the handle. The piece has a few minor dings within the bowl and has some scratches as well as some minor scratches along the edges. Other than that the ladle could use a good cleaning to bring out its full beauty but we leave that to the discretion of the new owner. A scarce antique to add to your collection. Please see photos to appreciate the beauty and condition of the pieces.



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