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1855 Large Cent

1855 Braided Hair Large Cent EF

  • $ 75.00

Description:  An extremely fine 1855 Braided Hair Large Cent.  This is the very desirable 1855 Penny. The coin is very nicely toned and it is a true beauty. The word LIBERTY is well defined, even if the scan does not show it very well. Also the hair lines and the pearls in liberty's hair are very detailed. The date is also well defined. As you can see from the photo, the details on both the obverse and the reverse are all there and well defined with practically no wear at all. Other than for the natural dirt and some soiling, the coin has a couple of minor bumps to the rim and a few small scratches on both sides, which are difficult to see. Please note that the spot on the rim at the first star on the left is a spec of dirt and not a defect to the rim. Early US coins such as this are gradually getting more difficult to find. Please see photo to appreciate condition and beauty of the coin. 

Condition:  I would grade this penny as an EF or better.  The coin itself is better than the scan shows with very readable details on both sides. 

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