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1964 Pope Paul VI Anno II Exceptional Silver Medal Ecumenical Counsel Vatican II

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Description: A beautiful commemorative silver medal issued in the second year of pope Paul VI papacy. This silver medal is issued by Vatican. This is the 1964-1965 medal commemorating the opening of the third session of the ecumenical council Vatican II. The medal depicts the image of Jesus facing forward and giving blessing with two churches behind him on the obverse with the legend "TERTIA SESSIO CONCILI OECUMENICI VATICAN SECUNDI UT UNUM SINT" surrounding the image along the edge. There is also the name "Manfrini" in small lettering to the right under the building. The reverse depicts the image of the pope Paul VI Highest of the Popes offering his help by stretching his hand out. The image is surrounded with the legend "PAULUS VI PONT.MAX.EXTENDENS MANUM APPREHENDIT EUM" surrounding the pope's image. This is a representation of the Shepherd who gives his help to a group of shipwrecked sailors. This is a great looking medal with nice darked patina. The medal comes with its original issue box which is lined with velour like material. The medal is marked 800 at the edge of the reverse indicating that it is 80% silver. A beautiful silver medal weighing ~44 gm and measures ~45 mm in diameter. This is a beautiful medal designed by Manfrini having well done details and beautiful eye appeal. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date: 1964-1965. 

Mint: Vatican City, Italy Papal State. 

Size and weight: The Medal weighs ~44 grams and measures ~45 mm in diameter. 

References: This is DeLuca 367 and is considered Medaglie Straordinarie (Exceptional Medal) by DeLuca. 

Condition: I would grade the medal as uncirculated with no observable wear. The details of the medal are extremely well expressed and preserved. The medal has a beautiful patina throughout. It has a very nice images with no observable wear and great preservation of the details. It has great eye appeal and would make a nice addition to your collection. Please see photo for additional condition information. 

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