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1844 Netherland Bronze Medal Hieronymus de Vries Secretary of the Municipality of Amsterdam Van der Kellen Engraver

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Description: A 1844 portrait bronze medal commemorating the fact that Hieronymus de Vries was Secretary of the Municipality of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The medal shows the portrait of Hieronymus de Vries on the obverse with the legend "HIERONYMOUS DE VRIES.L.ANN.MAGISTR.AMSTEL.A.TAB.ET.SECR." along the edge. The reverse has a legend in Latin "CARISSIMO.PARTI.OBTVLERVNT.GRATI.DEON.LIBERI.DIE.III.APR" and the date 1844 in Roman numerals. The medal has a plain edge and is rather thick (~4 mm) and heavy (~38.6 gm) for its size (~44 mm). The medal is marked VDK under the bust presumably for Van der Kellen the well known Dutch engraver of the nineteenth century. A nice and old portrait medal to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1844.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Central Pennsylvania.

Weight and Size: The piece measures ~44 mm in diameter and weighs ~38.6 grams.

Artist: David Van der Kellen 1804-1879.

Marks: Marked with the initials VDK.

References: We were unable to identify any similar medal from our research. If you have information please pass it on to us.

Condition: I would grade the medal as good about uncirculated condition or much better. The details are sharp and very distinct with minimum, if any, wear. The medal has a few minor scratches to the surface. Other than that it is problem free and looks great for being around for over 170 years. A great piece to add to your collection of portrait medals. Please view photos for additional condition information.


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