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1859 Vatican Silver Medal Pope Pius IX Bust Reconstruction Porta S. Pancrazio

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Description: A beautiful silver medal issued by the Vatican. This is the medal commemorating the restoration of the Porta S. Pancrazio by Pope Pius IX in 1856. The medal was issued in the 14th year of the pope's reign or 1859. Pius IX was pope in the period 1846-1878. This papal state silver medal has the image of the bust of Pope Pius IX wearing zucchetto, mozzetta and stole while facing right on the obverse. The reverse shows the images of the Porta San Pancrazio in Rome which was reconstructed during the times of Pius IX by the architect Virginio Vespignani. The medal commemorates the reconstruction of the porta or arch which was accomplished during Pius IX reign. The obverse has the inscription "PIVS.IX.PONT.MAX.ANNO.XIV" along the edge surrounding the pontiff's bust and the name "P.GIROMETTI F." in raised lettering under it. The reverse has a legend "PORTAM VRBIS IN IANICVLI VERTICE RESTITVIT ORNAVIT" along the edge surrounding the image of the arch with the words "ANNO MDCCCLVI ; V VESPIGNANI ARCHIT" in exergue. The arch itself has the words "ANNO DOMINI MDCCCLIV PONTIFICATVS VIII" above the entrance. A beautiful original papal medal. The medal is obviously re-toned, but still has very nice eye appeal. The medal has scratches within the fields of the obverse. It has nice high relief of the papal figure and is great looking. The edge of the medal is plain. A nice-looking medal, which would make a worthy addition to any collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Additional information: The Porta S. Pancrazio at the highest part of the Janiculum Hill, was constructed under Pope Urban VIII, and completely destroyed in 1849 in the struggles between Garibaldi and the French general Oudinot. It was rebuilt in 1856, by the architect Virginio Vespignani.

Date: 1859.

Origin: Vatican.

Engraver: P. Girometti. Weight and Size: The medal weighs ~33 grams, is ~43 millimeters in diameter, and ~3 millimeters thick at the edge.

Maker: Struck by the Mint of Rome.

Marks: Has the name "P.GIROMETTI F." under the pope's bust on the obverse.

Reference: Listed as Mazio No. 722.

Condition: The medal is in what I would characterize as VF/XF condition with obvious re-toning. The obverse would be in very fine, while the reverse is in better condition and would grade extremely fine. The obverse has considerable scratching in the fields and wear to the high points. The reverse less scratches and less wear. Be that as it may, this is a very nice medal worthy of a spot in your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the piece.


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