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1928 Brass Medal 1776 Massachusetts Unofficial Copper 1st Natl Bank Philadelphia

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Description: A 1928 Cast Brass uniface medal; one of 36 medals representing replicas of early American coins used in banking. These replicas were displayed at the central office of the First National Bank of Philadelphia, Charter No. 1, located at 1500 Walnut Street on September 4, 1928. The obverse of the medal has a crude representation of the reverse of the1776 Massachusetts Unofficial Copper Reverse. The image on the medal appear to show a native Indian with a feather in his head, seated on a globe and holding a spear in one hand and a branch in the other. The Massachusetts unofficial Copper reverse shows what is believed to be the Goddess of Liberty seated on a globe and holding a liberty cap and staff. So the design on the medal is not exactly the same as the original coin but is reminiscent of it. The medal has the legend "LIBERTY AND VIRTUE" above the seated figure and the date 1776 below it. This is similar to the unofficial coppers. The reverse is blank having the number 12 engraved in it, possibly indicating the position of the medal in the display. The medal has a plain edge. It is 63 mm in diameter and weighs 140 grams. The medal is possibly a unique strike made for the display at the time. I would grade the medal as Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. A great looking and very interesting rare medal to add to your collection. Please carefully review the photos presented as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1928.

Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Artist: Unknown.

Weight and Size: The medal weighs ~140 grams, is ~63 millimeters in diameter, and ~7 millimeters thick at the edge.

References: See page 69-70 of the Official Red Book 72nd Edition of 2019 for description and image of the actual Massachusetts Unofficial Copper of 1776 Coin.

Maker: Unknown.

Marks: Marked 12 stamped into the metal on the back.

Condition: The medal is in extremely fine or better condition. The medal has all of its details well preserved with minimum wear to the highest points. It does have some scratches and minor dings to the surface. The coin also shows some casting defects here and there but these are original to the making and do not interfere with the quality or beauty of the piece. A nice-looking medal that would make a nice addition to your collection of old colonial related coins or tokens. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the piece.

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