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1960 Papal Bronze Medal Pope John XXIII AN II Consecration of Missionary Bishops

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Description: A beautiful bronze medal issued by the Vatican. This is the official annual medal for the second year of pope John XXIII reign. John XXIII was pope in the period 1958-1963. This papal state bronze medal has the image of the bust of Pope John XXIII wearing a mozzetta and stola while facing right on the obverse. The reverse shows the images of the pope on his throne with the bishops who are to consecrated are in front of him on both sides. This ceremony took place on May 8, 1960 and is commemorated in this annual medal. The obverse shows the bust of the pope facing right with the inscription "IOANNES.XXIII.PONTIFEX.MAXIMVS.ANNO.II" along the edge surrounding the pontiff's bust and the name "MISTRVZZI" in raised lettering under it. The reverse has a legend "MISSIONALIS.ORBIS.EPISCOPOS" surrounding the image in the center with the legend "POSTRID.NON.MAI.MCMLX.CONSERAVIT" in two lines in exergue. A beautiful original papal annual medal, which comes with its original lined box. The medal has a beautiful brown appearance and is in mint state. It is much better than the photos suggest having chocolate tones with very nice eye appeal. The edge of the medal is plain. A nice-looking medal, which would make a worthy addition to any collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: The medal is dated 1960.

Origin: Vatican.

Engraver: Aurelio Mistruzzi.  

Weight and Size: The medal weighs ~37 grams, is ~44 millimeters in diameter, and ~3 millimeters thick at the edge.

Maker: Struck by the Mint of Rome.

Marks: Has the name "MISTRUZZI" under the pope's bust on the obverse.

Reference: Listed as No. 256 by De Luca and is listed in The Coins & Medals of the Vatican by Sadow & Sarro Jr. and published by Durset, NY, 1977 as Medal No. 34.

Condition: The medal is in what I would characterize as uncirculated condition with dark chocolate toning. The medal shows no wear, no appreciable scratching and minimum marking to the surface. The medal comes in its original lined presentation box which is also in very good condition showing minimum wear. A nice medal, which would make a great addition to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the piece.


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