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1962 Papal Gold Medal Pope John XXIII Second Vatican Council PF 67 Ultra Cameo

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Description: A beautiful proof ultra cameo gold medal issued by the Vatican. This is the medal issued in 1962 by the Vatican to commemorate the second Vatican Council initiated by pope John XXIII. John XXIII was pope in the period 1958-1963. This papal state gold medal has the image of the bust of Pope John XXIII wearing a mozzetta and stola while facing left on the obverse. The reverse shows the images of the pope on his throne with the bishops to his side with a person reading a manuscript and a table with a box labeled "EVAN-GELIA" in front of him. There is the figure of God within a cloud above the image. The obverse has the legend ""JOAHNNES -XXIII PONTIFEX MAXIMVS/CONCILIVM.DECVMENICVM.VATICNVMII./AN.MCMLXII" surrounding the pope's image. There is also the initials P.G. below the bust for P. Giampaoli the sculptor. The reverse has the legend "VBI-CVNT-DVO-VEL-TRES-CONGREGATI-INNOMINE-MEO/IBI-SVM-IN-MEDIO-EORVM" surrounding the image. There is also the name GIAMPAOLI along the edge of the reverse in the lower left of the reverse. A beautiful original gold papal medal commemorating one of the most important events associated with the Catholic Church in the 20th century. The medal has a beautiful proof appearance and is in mint state. It is graded PF 67 Ultra Cameo by NGC and comes in a plastic slab so labelled. It is much better than the photos suggest having very nice eye appeal. The edge of the medal is plain. A nice-looking medal, which would make a worthy addition to any collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: The medal is dated 1962.

Origin: Vatican.

Artist: Engraver: P. Giampaoli

Weight and Size: The medal weighs ~10.48 grams of 0.900 gold, is ~26 millimeters in diameter as stated on the slab.

Maker: Struck by the Mint of Rome.

Marks: Has the name "GIAMPAOLI" under the image of the council in session on the reverse and the initials P. G. under the pope's bust on the obverse.

Reference: We were unable to identify any mention of the medal in our library of references.

Condition: The medal is uncirculated and is graded PF 67 (Proof 67) Ultra Cameo by NGC and comes in a plastic slab so labeled. The coin is beautiful with mirror like fields and no observable blemishes. A nice medal, which would make a great addition to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the piece.



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