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1980 Masonic Ribbon Round Medal with Diamond Shaped Center Past Sovereign Prince In Leather Holder Adam & Westgate Co. Boston

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Description: A nice Aurora or pink colored ribbon and medal. The ribbon medal is from the for a Past Sovereign Price of a Masonic Lodge of Reading Pennsylvania. It was awarded to one of its members in 1982-1981. The following is the description of the medal ribbon as found on a card included with it; "Past Sovereign (the word is misspelled on the card) Prince. The Jewel of the sixteen degree, viz.: A diamond shaped mother-of-pearl plate having encrusted upon it in gold, a hand holding a balance in equipoise, on one side of which shall be a "D" and on the other a "Z"; beneath the center of the scale shall be a dagger with the point up, resting on which shall be a star with two smaller stars on either side thereof. All within a green laurel wreath not exceeding two inches in diameter. Ribbon color is Aurora" Please see last photo. The back of the laurel wreath has the words "Presented to D. Robert Driscoll; 32 Past Sovereign Prince" with additional wording. The back of the central diamond portion of the medal has the letters "S.P. 1980-81 Reading, PA." The entire medal is hanging from a pink ribbon attached to a gold colored metal bar, which is also a pin back, in the shape of a human arm with three fingers up. The medal ribbon is attached to a leather backing with gold lettering with the words "Adam & Westgate Co. 387 Washington St.; Boston, Mass. 02108." Apparently the medal is pinned or attached to a plastic flat piece, which is included with the medal, which in turn inserted in the top pocket of your jacket to wear the ribbon, no need to pin it to your clothing. The medal comes in its original leather wallet. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1980-1981.

Origin: Purchased at an estate auction in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Weight and Size: The entire piece measures ~4" long with the medal itself being ~1 5/8" by ~1 1/2", with the entire piece including the leather wallet, the cards and plastic insert weighing ~4.5 ounces.

Artist: Unknown.

Maker: Adam & Westgate Co. of Boston, Massachusetts.

Marks: Marked in golden lettering on a leather backing "Adam & Westgate Co. 387 Washington St.; Boston, Mass. 02108."

Condition: The medal and the ribbon are in very good condition. The diamond shaped center within the medal has toning and darkened on both sides. We are uncertain if it can be cleaned, but looks like it is silver that has tarnished (not certain it is silver since it is not marked as such) or due to the loss of the MOP which according to the description is what should been there. The wreath enamel is all intact as is the golden coloring outlining the leafs. The ribbon is intact with minor signs of fraying to the thread used to attach the ribbon the pin back bar. There is minor wear and marks to the leather backing and wallet as well as depressions in the leather from the medal itself pushing against it. There is minor soiling to the card with the description. Other than that the entire piece appears to have been seldom used and was cherished by Mr. Driscoll. The leather is intact, the ribbon is intact and the medal is in excellent condition except for the toning or tarnish which can be seen in the photos. A great piece to add to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the medal.


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