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Antique Coronet Ware Glazed Pottery Condiment Set: Salt, Pepper & Bowl Colorful Transfer Scenes Metal Carrier Parrot & Company England

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Description:   A beautiful antique coronet ware pottery condiment set made in England by Parrot and Company. The set consists of a salt and pepper shakers as well as a small bowl, possibly for mustard. The three pieces are held in a metal wire carrier. The three piece of pottery are decorated with colorful transfers depicting a man sitting at a table in period attire with a woman and another man looking on. The small bowl shows the scene of a woman in period dress in what looks like a kitchen. The three pieces are signed twice with what we believe reads "Julia Nelson" and "Fred Terry" on the back. Both Julia and Fred were Edwardian actors and we assume that this set reproduces scenes from their plays. Just a great find. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  1920s -1930's. 

Origin:  Made in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire England. 

Size:  The shakers measure ~1 1/2" in diameter and are ~3 1/2" high. The bowl is ~2" wide on the top and is ~1 1/4" high. Tyhe carrier is ~4" by ~4" by ~5". The entire set weighs 9 ounces. 

Maker:  Parrot and Company. 

Marks:  Marked with the Parrot and Company Trade mark consisting of a shield with a parrot in its center and the words Coronet ware on top, the shield has the words Parrot and company in it and the words Registered Trade Mark England below it. See 6th photo for details. The metal carrier is stamped Made in England. 

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece:  This is a nice and very unusual salt and pepper shaker set with a mustard bowl in great condition. 

Condition:   The pottery is in great condition with no chips, cracks, hairlines or repairs. The three pieces however, have extensive crazing to the glaze, but no loss of glaze. The metal carrier is also in excellent condition with no distortions or breaks. It does have minor signs of oxidation. Two issues we can see, these are the fact that the lid of the pepper shaker is stuck to the metal rim and that the metal rim has come loose from the pottery shaker. You can see the white gluing material is still in the rim portion. In addition, the lid of the salt shaker has a crack but still fits tightly on the metal rim of the shaker which is still firmly in place. Please see photos to appreciate its beauty and condition. 

In Closing:  This is a nice condiment set, which is beautiful and in great condition after being around for almost 100 years. A great addition to any shaker or theatrical related collection.  

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