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Antique Ironstone Teapot Raised Wheat Pattern W & E Corn North Staffordshire

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Description:  An antique ironstone teapot or tea pot. The teapot has a raised wheat pattern on the sides of the pot and on the domed lid right under the finial. The pot has a round foot rising to a constriction the flared rounded sides. The sides have a scalloped or a ribbed pattern. The sides go to a neck which flares out to a scalloped rim. The rim has a shelf on the inside where the domed lid would sit. The pot has an applied handle and a spout which starts a third of the way down the side and rises in goose neck-like fashion to the level of the pot's rim. The spout also displays the wheat pattern on its bottom.. The pot also has an applied handle which meats the pot near the rim and where the leaves of the wheat plant start. Finally the pot has a domed lid with a loop shaped finial and a hole in it to allow the steam to escape when the pot is full of hot tea.

Date: Sometime between 1864 and 1891 (The period of operation of the W&E Corn Pottery at the Burslem works in Stoke on Trent in North Staffordshire).

Origin: Stoke on Trent, North Staffordshire, England.

Size: 4 3/4" in diameter at the base, 4 1/4" in diameter at the top rim, ~ 9" at its widest including the spout and the handle,~10" high with the lid on. This is a substantial piece weighing ~3 pounds.

Maker: W &E Corn Potters.

Marks: In transfer on the bottom the Royal Coat of Arms, which is W&E Corn's indication that it was made at the Burslem works. Also under the coat of arms the words "IRONSTONE CHINA; W. & E. CORN; BURSLEM".

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: Truly a nice and rare piece in great shape.

Condition: Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, repairs, hairlines, stains, or crazing. The pot appears to have never been used but rather cherished by its owners for all these years. Just exquisite.

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