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Papal State 1417-1431 Martin V Bronze Medal Old Basilica Constantiniana of St. Peter

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Description: A nice papal states bronze medal having an attached loop with the image of the bust of Pope Martin V who was pope in the period 1417-1431. The obverse of the medal shows the bust of the pope facing right with the inscription "MARTIVS.V.COLVMNA.PONTA.MAX." The reverse shows a church building (the Old Basilica of St. Peter) with the legend "DIRVTAS.AC.LABANTES.VRBIS.RESTAVR.ECCIES." surrounding it and the legend "COLVMNAE.HVIVS.FIRMA.PETRA" in exergue. The medal is dark in toning and has nice eye appeal. The edge of the medal is plain and unmarked. This is a nice looking medal, which would make a worthy addition to any collection. Please carefully review the photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain but most likely struck in the 1800's.

Origin: Vatican or Papal/Roman States.

Artist: Unknown.

Weight and Size: The medal weighs ~28.2 grams, is ~40 millimeters in diameter, and ~3 millimeters thick at the edge.

Maker: Struck by the Mint of Rome.

Marks: Unmarked.

Reference: Mazio 3 and Lincoln 313.

Condition: The medal is in very fine condition. The medal shows some wear to the high point, some scratching and a few dings to the surface. The edge of the medal is plain, unmarked, and shows some minor dings. It has some minor scratches to the surface and some minor dings to the edge. These are minor and do not distract from the medal's beauty. A nice historic Catholic piece to add to your collection. Please view photos for additional condition information and to appreciate the beauty of the piece.


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