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U.S. Indian Head Penny

Rare 1859 Indian Head Small Cent XF+

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Description:  Very desirable and rather rare extremely fine or better copper-nickel 1859 Indian Head small cent or penny.  The reverse of the coin has the laurel wreath.  The coin itself is much better than the scan shows and has all of the details with minimal wear. The date is very readable as is the word LIBERTY. The veins in the feathers on the head are also obvious and distinct. As you can see from the photo, the details on the reverse are all very sharp with minimal wear commensurate with its age and circulated status. The coin has very nice eye appeal and is beautiful. These coins were designed by James Longacre. Early US coins such as this are gradually getting more and more difficult to find especially 1859 variety representing the first date of issue for these beautiful coins. Please view scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1859.

Mint: Philadelphia.

Size and Weight: 4.67 grams of a copper-nickel alloy having 88%25 copper and is 19 mm in diameter. The coin has the plain edge design.

References: Page 110 in "2010 US Coin R. S. Yeoman (The Official Red Book), 63rd edition, Kenneth Bressett, editor, Published by Whitman Publishing, LLC, Atlanta, GA."

Condition: I would grade this coin as extremely fine or better.  The coin has minimum wear commensurate with its age and circulated status, some scratches, bag marks, and one or two very shallow edge nicks, which do not distract from its beauty and quality. A definite nice and quality coin that is very rare in such a high grade. Please see photo to appreciate condition and beauty of the coin.

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