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Vintage Carnival Glass Iridescent Green Ruffled Bowl Fenton's Hearts and Vines Pattern

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Description: A beautiful lustrous or iridescent green colored Carnival Glass deep and ruffled edge bowl. This piece which has green and purple coloring has a very lustrous or iridescent appearance both inside and out. It is a beautiful bowl with raised design depicting five hearts surrounded by intricate vines. This bowl represents a variant of the original Fenton design in the sense that it has smaller vine leaves and larger open space between the hearts when compared to the original design. The leaves are more delicate and the design is much more open and less crowded. The rim of the bowl, which is ruffled, is also toothed. The bowl has a round foot and the exterior shows beautiful purple iridescent coloring. The piece is of solid glass cast construction. Please carefully review photos as they are part and parcel of our description.

Date: Uncertain, but most likely early to mid 1900's.

Origin: USA.

Size: Measures ~8 3/4" diameter on top, ~3 1/4" diameter at the foot, and ~ 2 3/4" at its highest point. The bowl weighs about one pound.

Maker: Fenton.

Marks: Unmarked.

Distinguishing Characteristics - Most Interesting About The Piece: This is definitely a beautiful and colorful piece with vivid colors and well defined pattern. Definitely a nice piece worthy of a prominent spot in your collection.

Condition: It is in good condition given its age. It has no cracks, no hairlines, and no repairs. It does have some roughness too some portions of the rim, which are difficult to see but can be felt when you run your finger along the edge. It also has the normal defects carnival glass normally displays such as mold lines, some defects in the glass surface, and a few air bubbles trapped in the glass. Please view photos to appreciate the beauty of this piece and for additional condition information.


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