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Swixx Quarter Thaler

1740 Switzerland Quarter Thaler Basel City View KM-143 Rare Uncirculated Silver Coin

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Description: Beautiful lustrous silver coin dated 1740 from Switzerland. This is a quarter Taler or Thaler coin from the city state of Basel. The coin shows the city view with the Rhine river to the right with a bridge in the distance and buildings with many steeples along the river banks into the horizon with the word "BASILEA" above the scene and the date below the scene within a plant branch and a cornucopia. There is also the letter "H" on the bottom of the obverse. The reverse shows a beast half animal half bird (Basilisk) with spread wings facing left with arms of Basel. The reverse also has the legend "DOMINE CONSERVA NOS IN PACE" surrounding the Basilisk along the edge. This is a rare and very desirable coin that is difficult to find in such good grade. The coin is much better than the scan shows. It des have some light surface etching and a few hairlines, which really do not distract from the beauty and quality of this great coin. It is beautiful and lustrous with great eye appeal. It is KM-143 measuring ~28.5 mm and weighing about 6.5 gm of high purity silver. Please carefully review the scan provided as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1740 H

Mint: Switzerland.

Size and Weight: This is a Quarter Thaler weighing ~6.5 grams and is ~28.5 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #143.

Condition: I would grade this coin as a uncirculated. The coin is lustrous with great eye appeal. The coin has all of its details well preserved with no appreciable wear. The coin displays some surface etching and minor hairlines. It also has minor scratches, minimum number of bag marks, and no wear commensurate with its uncirculated status. The coin is much better than the scan shows. Please see photo to appreciate the beauty of this coin and for additional condition information.

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