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1902 Beautiful Bronze Coin Great Britain Half Penny King Edward VII MS 65 BRN

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Description: A beautiful uncirculated 1902 half penny bronze coin from the United Kingdom. The coin displays King Edward VII bust facing right on the obverse and Britannia seated and facing right on the reverse. The coin has the words "EDWARD VII DEI GRA: BRITT: OMN: REX.FID: DEF: IND: IMP" surrounding the king's bust. The reverse is marked "HALF PENNY 1902" surrounding the seated Britannia. The coin is graded MS 65 Brown by ANACS and comes in a plastic holder so labelled. Early small denomination British coins such as this and in such a high grade are rare and this beautiful coin is just fantastic with beautiful brown coloring and unparalleled blue reflections. Please carefully review the photos provided as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1902.

Mint: Great Britain.

Size and weight: Bronze coin should weigh ~5.2 gm and is ~25.5 mm in diameter.

References: It is KM #793.2.

Condition: The coin is graded MS 65 BRN (Mint State 65 Brown) by ANACS and comes in a plastic holder. This coin is just fabulous with a nice brown color and blue reflections when exposed to white halogen lighting. It shows a clean uncirculated surface with no observable wear and minimum surface marks. This coin is rather rare in such high grade and would make a great addition to your collection. Please see photos for additional condition information.



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