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Egypt Twenty Para

Beautiful and Rare Silver Coin 1848 AD 1255 AH year 11 Egypt Twenty Para Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid

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Description:  A great looking extremely fine or better silver coin from Egypt. This is a twenty para from the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid. The coin shows the sultan's tughra, a rose to the right of the tughra and the denomination below it. The reverse says Duribah Fi Misr (Struck in Egypt) then the number 11 above the "Beh" in "Duribah" for the first year of the sultan's rule and Abdul Majid's accession year of 1255 AH in the bottom. It is KM-227 measuring approximately 17 mm in diameter and weighing ~0.68 grams of 0.833 silver. The coin has a toothed rim and a thin planchet. Coins of such small denomination, small size, and made of precious metal are usually hard to come by in such a nice grade. They normally were used extensively by the people, were lost, severely abused, or melted for the metal. Please carefully view scan as it is part and parcel of our description.

Date: 1848 AD - 1255 AH year 11 of Abdul Majid's reign.

Mint: Misr or Fustat on the outskirts of Cairo the current capital of Egypt.

Size and Weight: This is a 20 para and is ~17 mm in diameter and weighs ~0.68 grams of 0.833 silver.

References: It is KM #227.

Condition: I would grade this coin as a extremely fine or better with all the details being well preserved. The coin has a nice patina and great eye appeal. It has a few bag marks, a few scratches but is much better than the scan shows. It has wear commensurate  with its age and circulated status. The coin has excellent eye appeal and is beautiful. Please see photo for condition information.

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