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Beautiful Copper Coin from Great Britain 1806 Penny King George III Draped Laureate Bust & Britannia Uncirculated NGC MS 64 BRN

  • $ 599.99

Description:   A beautiful uncirculated and mint state 1806 one penny copper coin from the United Kingdom. The coin, which has a plain edge, displays King George III's draped laureate bust facing right on the obverse and seated Britannia facing left on the reverse. This coin which is graded as Mint State (MS) 64 BRN by ANACS comes in a plastic holder. Interestingly the obverse is on the back of the holder while the reverse is on the front (normally a slab will have the obverse on the front). This however, is inconsequential and the coin is beautiful. The coin has the words "GEORGIVS III. D:G. REX" surrounding the king's bust and the date 1806 below it on the obverse. The reverse is marked "BRITANNIA" above the central design. As mentioned earlier the coin comes within a slab and is graded as uncirculated MS 64 BRN (which makes it an investment grade coin) by ANACS. The coin has a beautiful uneven chocolate patina highlighted by hints of mint red in the legends, and is great looking. This coin catalogs for $525 as uncirculated and has no valuation for mint state condition. Please carefully review the scans provided as they are part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  1806 

Mint:  Great Britain. 

Size and Weight:  The coin is ~34 mm in diameter. 

References:  It is KM #663. 

Condition:  The coin comes in a slab and is graded by ANACS as Mint State (MS) 64. It is in great condition and displays beautiful uneven brown toning with hints of mint red in the legends. The coin is problem free and has a nice appearance. Please see scan for additional condition information.   

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