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 Egypt One Para

Rare Billon Coin 1774 AD 1187 AH Reginal Year 1 Egyptian One Para Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I

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Description:   A very fine or much better 1187 AH reginal year one of Sultan Abdul Hamid I or 1774 AD Egyptian One Para (one fortieth of a Piaster or Qirsh) billon coin. The coin depicts the first tughra of Abdul Hamid the first on the obverse. The reverse shows that the coin was struck in Egypt (duribah fee Misr) in the reginal year 1, which is written over the "Beh" in "Duribah" and the year 1187, which is the accession date of Abdul Hamid I to the throne, at the bottom of the reverse. The coin is struck on a large planchet and is off center but all the details are there and are very clear. The coin beautiful, nicely toned with all the details well preserved and very readable. Please carefully review the scan as it is part and parcel of our description. 

Date:  1774.  Mint:  Misr or Fustat on the outskirts of Cairo the current capital of Egypt. 

Size and Weight:  This is a One Para or 1/40 Qirsh or Piaster, weighs approximately 0.3-0.4 grams and is about 18 mm in diameter.  

References:  It is KM #120. 

Condition:  I would grade this coin as very fine or better with all the details being very well preserved and very nice eye appeal. The coin is beautiful and nicely toned. It does have minor scratches, and wear commensurate with its age and circulated status. This is a hammered coin and was struck on a large planchet and a bit off center, but all the details are there and are very legible. Please see photo for condition information.

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